Embark on a spiritual journey: Exploring 4-star November Umrah packages

  • PublishedJune 1, 2024

In this blog, we will discuss in detail why embarking on a spiritual journey through 4-star November Umrah packages is the best way to enrich yourself spiritually. There are various reasons for this that we will discuss in detail later. Firstly, we need to know what is Umrah and why it is of so much religious significance for so many Muslims around the world. Umrah is a minor pilgrimage. It is an act of visiting the holiest site in Makkah, which is Kaaba. Umrah entails a few rituals that need to be performed to earn its full reward.

Significance of Kaaba

These include making the rounds of Kaaba seven times. This is so rewarding in the eyes of Allah that with every step that a person takes while taking rounds of Kaaba, his sins are removed and his rank is raised. The circumambulating of the Kaaba is so important because it is the epic place of worship built by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismael. It denotes the unity of Muslims as every Muslim regardless of his financial and social status, the color of his skin, ethnicity, linguistic differences, and differences in culture prays in the direction of the Kaaba.

Safa and Marwa

These are two small mountains near Kaaba where Hagar, Prophet Ismail’s mother climbed to find food and water. The rocks of both these hills are visible in the Haram. Pilgrims are expected to walk from Safa to Marwa. Once they complete their walk this is equal to one round. Then a pilgrim has to come back and that’s the second round. This way he has to complete seven rounds. Along with circulating Kaaba, Sai is the second most important ritual of Umrah without which it is not complete.

Ihram and shaving

Ihram is the first thing that a person does when he is about to perform Umrah or Hajj. It is the state of purification and devotion to Allah. Ihram consists of 2 pieces of white cloth that a pilgrim wears to perform Umrah. It represents the unity of Muslims as everyone present in the court of Allah is in the same dress despite the multitude of differences that exist among them.

Shaving or trimming hair is the last ritual of Umrah. If men get their heads shaved completely then the reward is higher. Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said that he will ask for forgiveness from Allah for those who shave their head as a ritual of Umrah. For women, however, it is not compulsory to shave their heads. They can just trim their hair as a ritual of Umrah.

4-star November Umrah packages

A 4-star package is just one notch away from the most VIP package of 5-star. Hence from every metric, a 4-star arrangement is a decent and convenient approach to Umrah. Various things account for a 4-star Umrah package. This includes accommodation and transport arrangements. These two are the most important factors when deciding the type of Umrah package.


In a 4-star package, agents make sure that the hotel you are given is of good quality. By good quality, it means the rooms are spacious and it offers complimentary breakfast with buffet-style lunch and dinner. Secondly, 4-star hotels are located close to the Haram. Whether in both holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, these hotels are located just a few hundred meters from the Grand Mosque of Makkah and the Grand Mosque of Madinah. These hotels have other amenities such as prayer areas, fitness centers, and even in some cases pools as well. They have dedicated staff to handle guest all inquiries related to anything. It has a 24/7 front desk and offers transport facilities as well. In essence, these are well-maintained and run properties of international standard for the accommodation of pilgrims.

Transport services

Depending on how much you are willing to pay, the transport services greatly vary. The general practice is that depending on the location of the Umrah aspirants, they choose a local or foreign airline to fly to Saudi Arabia. There are two gateways to this country for pilgrims through air. One is Madinah Airport and the second is Jeddah Airport. Then some buses carry pilgrims from the airport to their accommodations and they also transport pilgrims between the holy cities. Those who have availed of 4-star Umrah packages get airfare from a reputed airline and their transportation inside Saudi Arabia is through a private vehicle. This is more convenient for them as buses have their timing, thus making pilgrims wait.

November is the best time for Umrah

Cooler months are always the best to depart for Umrah. Saudi Arabia is a hot country where the temperature in the hotter months can reach a degree where going outdoors becomes very difficult. Pilgrims visiting holy cities do not always stay indoors. They have to get out of their air-conditioned accommodations and vehicles often to offer prayer in Haram, get food, for shopping, and visit places of significant religious importance.  To accomplish all these things, November is the most convenient month as it will not drain pilgrim energy while outdoors. The health of the pilgrims who are not used to harsh summer temperatures will also not be affected.

Therefore, 4-star November Umrah packages remain the best time to depart for this holy journey with hundreds and thousands of prayers for your loved ones.

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