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Health Checkup Packages in Ghaziabad / Docopd Lab

Health Checkup Packages in Ghaziabad / Docopd Lab
  • PublishedJuly 5, 2024

DocOPD offers a range of health checkup packages designed to provide comprehensive health check-ups and preventive care. These packages include a variety of tests to assess various health markers in the body, helping to identify potential risk factors for various health conditions. The preventive care plan aims to detect early signs of disease and provides access to affordable, high-quality care for individuals. The services are available across devices and platforms, allowing for convenient access to healthcare services from anywhere.

Test Parameters and Services

  • The health packages offered by DocOPD include a wide range of tests and parameters such as CBC, ESR, fasting sugar, TSH, lipid profile, thyroid, iron profile, HbA1c, vitamin D, vitamin B12, KFT, LFT, urine analysis, blood group & Rh factor, VDRL, HIV 1 & 2, HBsAg, anti HCV, and more.
  • The packages also provide comprehensive evaluation of overall health, monitoring of treatment effectiveness, and early detection of underlying health problems.

Convenience and Accessibility

  • ┬áThe company ensures quick responses and assistance in every step during any medical need, with a focus on providing good savings for families.
  • The sample collection process is carried out by certified professionals from the preferred location, with a guaranteed 24-48 hours turnaround time for specimen pickup.
  • The company also offers home collection services, with trained technicians visiting the patient’s home for sample collection.

Importance of Full Body Health Checkups

These checkups allow individuals to take preventive measures to address warning signs before they develop into serious illnesses.

Coverage of Full Body Health Checkups

The full-body health checkups in Ghaziabad cover various aspects such as kidneys, liver, blood sugar, and cholesterol, providing comprehensive insights into an individual’s health status.

It seems that there are several best health packages available in Ghaziabad. One of the prominent providers is Healthians, which offers a comprehensive full body checkup package in Ghaziabad.

This package includes 25 tests with free report counseling and free sample collection, covering aspects such as complete hemogram, urine routine and microscopy, and random blood sugar, among others.

Range of Tests and Screenings:

  • The health packages offered by DocOPD include a comprehensive range of tests and screenings to assess various health markers in the body.
  • Tests include parameters such as CBC, blood sugar, VDRL, HIV 1 & 2, HBsAg, anti HCV, TSH, urine R/M, and many more.

Home Sample Collection:

  • DocOPD offers free home sample collection in select cities, ensuring convenience for individuals who require testing.

Note :- Docopd Labs is the best Omnichannel Pan-India Diagnostic Service Provider that you can count on to book a Health Checkup Package at a reasonable cost.

Additional Information

  • Fasting is required for all blood test packages, typically recommended for 8-10 hours before the test. Children can undergo blood tests with parental consent, and a doctor’s prescription is not necessary for any of the blood test packages
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