Our Process

At Quicker Jobs Online we are highly confident in our ability to provide a bespoke, specialist recruitment service that adds real value to your organisation. In fact, it is our belief that a true recruitment service is not about filling the vacancy, rather it is placing the right candidate who goes on to be successful within your company.
Whilst we can be incredibly flexible in the way we work with you and your business, our service can be broken into four key parts.

Core HR process management services

  • Payroll services, time, attendance, and accounting
  • Open enrolment, management for health and welfare
  • Employee self-service and optimized application based HR process

Recruitment and Talent Management Services

  • Requirement and need identification, sourcing, screening, interviewing, selection, offer letter management, background check, and compliance.
  • Global supply of technical and management executives.
  • HR personnel papers, catalog handling, training, and certification.
  • Performance review including, evaluation, appraisal review, and profile management.